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At Dakshin Barasat in South 24 Parganas, Dhruba Chand Halder College unfolds a vision of its own, giving priority to the needs, aspirations and spirit of the local inhabitants. Though "education" is our main "mantra", we do not encourage mere book-learning and writing examination papers. Our dream is to deliver value-based education, which, in the long run, makes "real men and women" (a concept initiated by Swamiji), and not just money making individuals. For this, the college fosters acts of kindness, service and sacrifice in the students. We envisage a kind of education that would help young learners realize their inner strength and potentialities and know their own selves inside out – "Bear no hatred, sow the seeds of love and friendship," is the message we send out to our students, so that we can contribute, though in a small way, to the formation of a better society.


The Key-word in our mission-statement is "march ahead", i.e. progress in all fields, like agriculture and industry. This is possible only through education, which also, can dispel all kinds of inner darkness, ushering in bright light. One common prayer here, to quote Milton is "What in me is dark – illumine". The illuminated soul inspires the physical body to strive untiringly for perfection, in all endeavours. "Enlightenment" and Empowerment" – the two ideals followed here, aim at making our students knowledgeable as well as suitable for jobs in the larger world. Thus, the vision of a "Complete man" is incorporated in our mission statement, giving a distance place to our institution.