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Qualification : M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.
Specialization : Electronics
Designation : Associate Professor


  • Assistant teacher at Harinavi D.V.A.S. High school, south 24 parganas from 02.08.1983.
  • Assistant professor at Krishnath College,    Berhampur, Murshidabad 18.07.1988. 
  • Selection Grade Lecturer at this college from 01.04.2000.
  • Field of research work ( Ph.D):

    "Studies of atmospheric Group Delay at microwave frequencies."


  • 1.  A theoretical estimate of relative contribution of refractivity towards group delay- A. K. Sen, P. K. Karmakar, T. K. Das, M. Rahaman and S. Devbarman. Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics  Vol. 20,. pp- 26-28,  Feb, 1991.

  •  2.  Tropospheric extinction brightness temperature  and excess path length  in relation to communication radar and radio-astronomical studies.  A. K. Sen, P. K. Karmakar, M. Rahaman, K. S. Zand and M. K. Sengupta - Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics,   vol. 20,  pp. 79-81,  April, 1991.

  • 3. Observation of microwave radio Sun during  total Solar eclipse on October 24, 1995 by Eastern Centre for Research in Astrophysics  (ECRA), T. N. Chatterjee, S. K. Dutta, Ajay Kumar Dutta, S. Chatterjee, G. Tarafdar, J. Bera, M. Rahaman, R. Bera, A. Mitra, P. K. Karmakar, M. K. Sengupta, N. Purkait, A. K. Sen, T. K. Das, C. K. Majumdar and B. Lokanadhan. Indian Journal of Physics Vol. 70B (3), pp. 169-173, (1996).

  • 4. Measurement of atmospheric water vapour content over a tropical location by dual frequency microwave radiometry; P. K. Karmakar, M. Rahaman & A. K. Sen, Int. J. Remote Sensing (U. K.), Vol. 22. No : 17, pp : 3309-3322, 2001.

  • 5.Estimation of absorption and hence electrical path length at 22.235 GHz; P. K. Karmakar, M. Rahaman, S. Chattopadhyay and A. K. Sen - Indian J. Radio & Space Physics, Vol. 30, pp : 36-42, Feb. 2001

  • 6. Effect of water vapour and liquid water on Microwave absorption spectra and its application; Karmakar, P.K, M.Maiti, S.Chattopadhyay and M. Rahaman- Radio Science Bulletin, No. 303, p : 32-36, December 2002.

  • Conference:

  • 7. Tropospheric effects in Radio Astronomical observations at Microwaves and Millimeter Waves by A. K. Sen, M. Rahaman, S. Chattopadhyay, A. K. Dutta and P. K. Karmakar, in International Conf. on Astrophys and Cosmology at S.I.N.P., Calcutta, 1993.

  • 8.       “Water vapour measurement at Calcutta by Dual frequency Radiometry”. P. K. Karmakar, M. Rahaman, S. Chattopadhyay, A. Mitra, A. K. Sen and N. C. Majumdar, - X1 - National Space Science Symposium  (NSSS-2K), at Tosheli Sander, Konarak, Marine Drive, Puri- 752002,  1-4 March, 2000.

  • 9. “Studies of water vapour during prerain and post rain period by  dual frequency radiometers”, A. K. Sen, M. Rahaman, A. Mitra, P. K. Karmakar and C. K. Chatterjee.    X1 - National Space Science Symposium  (NSSS-2K)  at Tosheli Sander, Konarak Marine Drive, Puri- 752002,  1-4 March, 2000.

  • Activities


    Dr. Rahaman is the only full-time teacher in his department. Besides his basic duties of theoretical and practical class teaching, he is involved in:

    1. Preparation of theoretical and practical lesson plan for 1st yr, 2nd yr &  3rd year classes (Honours and General).
    2. Setting of question papers and evaluation of answer scripts of internal examinations and University examinations.
    3. Framing of weekly class routine for the department.
    4. Assembly line and maintenance of laboratory instruments which are required for accuracy of experiments and the results.
    5. Maintainence of all computers belonging to the department as well as the computers of other departments.
    6. Dr. Rahaman also acts as an External examiner in the University practical examinations.
    1. And moderator of the University Examination.

    Co-curricular Activities


    Dr. Rahaman was a  member of the College Governing body during the period 2010.- 2014

    He was also member of different sub-committees of the college.

    1. Member and convener of Admission sub-committee.
    2. Member and convener of computer maintenance sub-committee.
    3. Member and convener of laboratory Development sub-Committee.
    4. Member of IQAC.
    5. Member of Building Sub-committee.
    6. Member and convener of college web site design Sub-committee.
    7. Member of Distance education sub-committee. (during 2014-2015)


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